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Low SWaP Video Engine for SWIR Low Light Level Imaging

Imaging in the Short-Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) has some unique advantages over visible or thermal imaging. InGaAs/InP is the leading technology for two-dimensional (2D) SWIR detector arrays, with very high electro-optical performance. For optimal performance, such detectors can be moderately cooled and temperature stabilized using a Thermo- Electric Cooler (TEC). This results in a small package with low power consumption, high reliability, and relatively low production cost. SCD's SWIR Imager is a low size, weight and power (SWaP) video engine (video core) in which a 640×512/15μm InGaAs Focal Plane Array (FPA) is embedded in a low cost plastic package. The SWIR...
  • E. Louzon
  • A. Aharon
  • R. Gazit
  • D. Bar
  • I. Hirsh
  • P. Kondrashov
  • M. Weinstein
  • M. Savchenko
  • M. Regensburger
  • A. Mediouni
  • E. Mor
  • A. Shay
  • K. Rozenshein
  • N. Syrel
  • R. Iosevich
  • A. Giladi
  • E. Berkowicz
  • M. Ben-Ezra
  • A. Tuito
  • R. Fraenkel

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