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Privacy Statement

This website (the “Website”) is the property of and operated by SemiConductor Deviecs - An Elbit Systems - Rafael Partnership (hereinafter “SCD.USA”).

The purpose of this privacy statement (the "Privacy Statement") is to provide details and information on SCD.USA's practices and policy with respect to the use and collection of information on participants and visitors of the Website or other interactions with SCD.USA (the "User(s)").

Using the Website, especially after being referred to this Privacy Statement, serves as the User's full and explicit acknowledgement to the Terms of Use for the Website and this Privacy Statement, to the extent required.

SCD.USA may, at its sole discretion, update this Privacy Statement from time to time to reflect any legal or practical requirements. Any modifications will become valid with immediate effect and Users are therefore required to periodically review the Privacy Statement and be updated with the terms applicable to their interests.

Collection of Information:

The collection of personal or other information by SCD.USA may include, amongst others, but not only:

  • Personal contact details User have provided through SCD.USA's Website or any other details lawfully obtained through public data bases.
  • Details and analytics on User's activity in the Website or from User's business activity with SCD.USA.
  • Cookies may be used in SCD.USA's Website for the purpose of collecting technical information.
  • The Website may also collect anonymous information for general statistics and services relating to the Website's activity such as access time, IP address, domain names, types of hardware and software and additional details.

Collection of Personal Information

Any personal information User chooses to disclose or share with SCD.USA in any form or media, as User's name, personal and/or professional address, phone number, e-mail address, and additional details, whether through various communications, forms, contracts, orders, conferences, social media and/or the likes of which, may be collected and used by SCD.USA.

Additional and more detailed information may be required in case of business relations. Such information may include amongst others I.D. or passport number, bank account or financial details.

The care of User's personal information is also subject to the accuracy of the information provided by User. The more accurate the provided information will be, the more appropriate will be the care SCD.USA applies to it in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information may be used lawfully and in a legitimate form by SCD.USA, amongst others but not only, for the following purposes:

Communications and interactions with its customers, suppliers, affiliates and candidates, respond to User's queries, delivery of services, marketing of products, operate the Website, upgrade the level of services, protect SCD.USA's business and assets, fulfill and comply with legal requirements, fulfill business purposes, maintain and protect any legal interest.

Any sensitive personal data as may be defined or related to by relevant legal systems, will be handled and processed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and the required level of care.

SCD.USA will not disclose personal information collected through its Website or otherwise with third parties unless lawfully disclosed on a "need to know" basis, with the same level of confidence required and for the purposes described herein.

Any transfer of personal information will be executed solely to the required extent and in compliance with the applicable data protection laws.

Retention of personal information will be applied to the extent necessary for the purpose of the collection of the personal information and in accordance with the legal obligations and the minimum retention periods provided in them.

Non-Personal Information

Any information provided to SCD.USA which is not identified as personal or sensitive information will not be treated as confidential and SCD.USA may choose to disclose it under its sole discretion. User's disclosure of such information to SCD.USA serves as its full acknowledgement and confirmation for SCD.USA's use of the information with no obligation to User and with no binding relationship created between User and SCD.USA which requires otherwise.

Protection of Personal Information

SCD.USA assumes various actions both digitally and physically to protect User's personal information through reasonable and acceptable efforts. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee for full security against system penetrations or transmissions' interceptions over the web.

Third Party Websites

The Website may contain links to other websites that may be controlled by third parties with unique privacy statements and terms of use. SCD.USA has no responsibility or liability with respect to such third party websites. Access and use of such third party's websites through the Website shall be at User’s sole risk and responsibility and User is required to review each of these websites' privacy statements and terms of use for better understanding of their collection and use of User's personal information.


SCD.USA's Website uses cookies ("Cookies") which are data units that are stored on User's device through its web browser and provide information to the websites that enabled the Cookies and other third parties, to the extent there are any, which receive data that is collected from these websites. The Cookies are used by the websites to collect and store information on the User's web browsers, mainly on the User, its device and preferences. Cookies do not run programs on the User's computer or distribute viruses.

Third party Cookies may be applied through Google Analytics and social medias as Facebook and Linkedin, of which SCD.USA makes use.

Cookies have several purposes. They are mainly designated to help personalize User's experience while using the websites. It recalls the specific information previously provided by the User and retrieves it when the User returns to the website.

Cookies are also used for marketing purposes as they monitor the User's behavior and interests while using the websites and provide them with relevant commercial and professional content. These Cookies also provide data on the efficiency of marketing campaigns and advertisements.

SCD.USA may use Cookies in its Website in order to analyze the Users activity, produce the relevant Website usage statistics and improve its Website's content accordingly.

Cookies may be deleted by the User at any time. User may also accept or decline the usage of Cookies. Declining Cookies is made through User's web browser settings but it may also hold effects on the user experience in the Website and its features. For third party Cookies, such as enabled through Google Analytics, and social medias, User is encouraged to review the specific Cookies Policies provided by these parties. Note that most web browsers accept Cookies automatically.

Users' Rights

User holds several rights with respect to its personal information.

User may request information on the collection and content of User's personal Information and request to cease from any collection and processing of additional personal information of the User. SCD.USA will cooperate as much as reasonably and legally possible with any such User's request.

User may also request SCD.USA to rectify or delete personal information under certain circumstances.

SCD.USA may comply with any request by User to the extent that the personal information was provided to SCD.USA by User and under the legal requirements which may apply certain other retention periods or collection policies. Collection of personal information is also allowed due to other legal and legitimate reasons which do not require User's consent.

User is encouraged to contact SCD.USA with any such request or query if User believes its rights were infringed while using the Website.

Legal and Regulatory Requirements

SCD.USA may be required by law, court of other competent administrative order to disclose personal information to legal or regulatory authorities.

Such information will be disclosed taking in consideration the required volume of protection and while assuming the possible measures to ensure that the personal information remains protected following its disclosure, to the extent reasonably possible.

Contact SCD.USA

User may contact SCD.USA for any purpose, including the request to update or correct its personal information as provided by User to SCD.USA through the Website or other means or to request to opt-out from SCD.USA's mailing systems and other services that User may have signed up for.

SCD.USA would appreciate any form of feedback, including questions and comments relating to this Privacy Statement and the Website. Any approach will be considered in due course.

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