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The SWIR spectral range provides unique benefits compared with other spectral bands for both military and commercial applications.

Some of the more pronounced benefits are:

  • Reflective and intuitive image vs. thermal image
  • Better atmospheric transparency for long range imaging
  • Smoke and haze penetration and imaging through glass windows  
  • Support of high F# systems due to lower diffraction vs. MWIR and LWIR systems
  • “Eye-safe” laser sources for active and gated imaging
  • Improved low light level (LLL) imaging due to the “Night glow” effect
  • Low SWaP, High reliability sensors (no cryogenic cooler)


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SCD.USA launched the development of SWIR detectors based on the leading InGaAs material in 2013. Since then, due to the combined performance of the InGaAs material and the advanced ROIC design capabilities, SCD.USA gained a substantial market share. Our InGaAs detectors are embedded in a variety of military and commercial systems world-wide. These systems span from high-end HD payloads to low SWaP ground platforms and a variety of commercial applications.



Some of SCD.USA’s unique features are:

  • VIS-SWIR spectral coverage (0.6 – 1.7μm)
  • Multi-function ROIC with laser pulse detection functions (ALPD, TLRF)  
  • SXGA array format with 10μm pitch
  • Very low readout noise and dark current
  • Variety of packaging and electronic solutions
  • Low SWaP video-engine  


Integrated Imaging Solutions

SCD.USA has gained worldwide recognition of its innovative and high-quality products; its revolutionary methods enable creative approaches to meeting the challenging requirements of space imaging

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