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SCD.USA Infrared Aquires Quantum Imaging

Colorado Springs, CO., August 25, 2018 - Eight months after SCD.USA Infrared, LLC (SCD.USA-IR) announced the successful alliance with Quantum Imaging, Quantum, announces the expansion and opening of the new headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO. The new building will host Quantum’s Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) and Visible light imaging business and adds roughly 10,000 square feet of additional capacity for manufacturing, customer support, engineering and sales to support growth in the business unit recently acquired by SCD.USA.

The combination of the larger space combined with SCD investments in new manufacturing and test equipment is expected to increase Quantum’s camera production capacity by roughly 500% over its current level. The new facility is located at 5061 North 30th Street, Suite 101, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 which is within walking distance of the old Quantum location.

David Gardner, Founder and Executive Vice President of QI: “The move to a larger location was necessary to sustaining growth in connection with several recent program wins. At the same time, it was critical that we minimize any negative impact that relocation could have on our customers and employees. The close proximity of the new space greatly simplified that process.”

Quantum Imaging, located in Colorado Springs, CO is a US company qualified to handle DoD sensitive technology and brings 25 years of experience in high-performance visible, Near Infrared (NIR) and Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) technology. QI's highly experienced and innovative team is dedicated to the design and
development process to ensure speed, resolution, sensitivity and scientific image quality for all customer applications. SCD.USA Infrared, LLC, located in West Melbourne, FL is a US Company established in 2007 which provides customers with product development before and during the sale; including detector engineering and application capabilities, system performance analysis, customer training and technical support. In addition to providing technical support, SCDUSAIR operates an OTF Lab, complete maintenance and repair lab for detectors, video engines and camera systems for post-sale customer service needs.

SemiConductor Devices, located in Karmiel, Israel is a leading world supplier of highend infrared detectors, acclaimed for technological advancements in MWIR technology.

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