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SCD.USA introduces low noise, low light level InGaAs Short Wave Infrared Camera (SWIR).

Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 5th, 2020. SCD.USA is adding the M1 LOON - a low noise, low light level SWIR Camera to its Quantum Imaging portfolio. The product provides a typical floor noise of 16e- RMS, making it ideal for commercial semiconductor inspection, drone airborne imaging, and driver vehicle enhancement applications. The M1 LOON has a resolution of 640x512 with a 15µm pixel size and outputs video on a digital base camlink SDR26 interface and an analog NTSC channel. Its low noise capability provides a 2.5 times improvement in Signal to Noise Ratio over other comparable SWIR Cameras in a compact 1.9”x1.2”x1.5” package.

SCD.USA Infrared, LLC (SCD.USA-IR), is a US company established in August 2007 in Melbourne, Florida. Quantum Imaging is a subsidiary of SCD.USA LLC. The companies provide Integrated Sensing Products for our customers incorporating technology from our parent company, SCD, which is a leading world-wide foundry for Infrared optoelectronic technology and manufacturing based in Haifa, Israel.

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SCD.USA has gained worldwide recognition of its innovative and high-quality products; its revolutionary methods enable creative approaches to meeting the challenging requirements of space imaging

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