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BIRD 640, 17μm

Bird 640, 17 μm High-Sensitive is a compact low SWaP VGA-format uncooled array based on SCD vast heritage VGA HS μ-Bolometer FPA packaged in a miniaturized ultra-small & light ceramic package suited for the most demanding military and HLS applications. Suited and field tested for TWS and mil-std handled applications.

  • Parameter
  • Technology
    VOx Microbolometer
  • Format
    640 x 480 HS
  • Pitch
  • Temporal NETD @ 25C, F/1, 60Hz
  • Spectral Response
    8-14 µm
  • Tau
  • Typical Response
  • Operability
  • Frame Rate
  • Digital Inputs
  • Output Range
    1.5V + 1V
  • Operation Temperature
    -45C to +85C
  • Video Outputs
    1 channel @ 60Hz / 2 channels @ 120Hz
  • Power Dissipation (room temp.)
    <350mW@60Hz / <240mW@30Hz
  • Weight
    8 gr.
  • Size
    26x23x5 mm3
    •  BIRD 640, 17μm
    •  BIRD 640, 17μm

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