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PELICAN-D is a 640 x 512 elements, 15μm pitch, InSb 2D MWIR DIGITAL IDCA. The FPA has an all-digital ROIC, based on the 0.18 μm CMOS Process.
Pelican-D is available in several configurations, with a large variety of cold shield apertures and cooler types. The proximity board provides the FPA timing, and the
sensitive power supplies. In addition, the Camera Link interface highly simplifies the integration of the detector to the system.

  • Parameter
  • Detector Type
    640 x 512 InSb FPA
  • Pitch
  • NETD
    20mK@50% Well Fill capacity
  • Spectral Response
    3.6 – 4.9 µm
  • Operability
    Better than 99.5%
  • Pixel Capacity
    6 Me−
  • Frame rate
    Up to 300Hz
  • RNU
    0.04% STD/DR for 10%-90% well fill
  • Electronics
  • Cold Shield
  • Cooler model
    Ricor K508, Ricor K508N, Thales RM3
  • Length
    130 mm
    •  PELICAN-D 640
    •  PELICAN-D 640
    •  PELICAN-D 640
    •  PELICAN-D 640

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