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A 10μm pitch, SXGA Multifunctional IRFPA ROIC with In-Pixel Laser Event Detection and High Dynamic Range Imaging

Modern infrared focal plane arrays require many in-pixel multimode capabilities. One purpose is to include variable gain that enables imaging in wide dynamic range scenarios. A second purpose is to include special in pixel functions that can provide event detection and analysis at the pixel level. This work presents a new readout integrated circuit that provides imaging together with laser pulse detection. The standard imaging modes at low and medium gain
are based on direct injection, a low noise imaging mode with high gain based on charge transimpedance
amplification is also implemented. A special laser feature analyzes in real time the AC component of the signal integration to recognize the presence of a laser event and combines the image with asynchronous or synchronous laser detection. The image pixel size is 10x10μm2 providing an image resolution of 1280x1024 that is combined with laser detection based on binning of four pixels with a resolution of 640x512. At low noise imaging the full well capacity is 12ke-, and goes up to 0.5Me- and 1Me- for medium and low gain imaging, respectively. The minimum laser pulse detectability is 500e-.

Keywords: ROIC, Multifunctional, SWIR, Laser Pulse Detection, Infrared Detector, InGaAs, Low Light Level

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  • C.G. Jakobson
  • I. Pivnik
  • R. Dobromislin
  • G. Zohar
  • O. Cohen
  • Y. Chaham
  • N. Shiloah
  • R. Talmor
  • E. Ilan
  • I. Nevo
  • W. Freiman
  • N. Ben Ari
  • R. Fruhi
  • T. Shapira
  • R. Fraenkel

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