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Attenuation of cryocooler induced vibration using multimodal tuned dynamic absorbers

Modern infrared imagers often rely on split Stirling linear cryocoolers comprising compressor and expander, the relative position of which is governed by the optical design and packaging constraints. A force couple generated by imbalanced reciprocation of moving components inside both compressor and expander result in cryocooler induced vibration comprising angular and translational tonal components manifesting itself in the form of line of sight jitter and dynamic defocusing.  Since linear cryocooler is usually driven at a fixed and precisely adjustable frequency, a tuned dynamic absorber is a well suited tool for vibration control. It is traditionally made in the form of lightweight single degree of freedom undamped mechanical resonator, the frequency of which is essentially matched with the driving frequency or vice versa.  Unfortunately, the performance of such a traditional approach is limited in terms of simultaneous attenuating translational and angular components of cooler induced vibration.
The authors are enhancing the traditional concept and consider multimodal tuned dynamic absorber made in the form of weakly damped mechanical resonator, where the frequencies of useful dynamic modes are essentially matched with the driving frequency. Dynamic analysis and experimental testing show that the dynamic reactions (forces and moments) produced by such a device may simultaneously attenuate both translational and angular components of cryocoolerinduced vibration. The authors are considering different embodiments and their suitability for different packaging concepts. The outcomes of theoretical predictions are supported by full scale experimentation.

Keywords: cryocooler, infrared imager, vibration, line of sight jitter, multimodal tuned dynamic absorber

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  • Alexander Veprik a
  • Vladimir Babitsky b
  • Avi Tuito c

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