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Backside illuminated CMOS-TDI line scan sensor for space applications

A multi-spectral backside illuminated Time Delayed Integration Radiation Hardened line scan sensor utilizing CMOS technology was designed for continuous scanning Low Earth Orbit small satellite applications. The sensor comprises a single silicon chip with 4 independent arrays of pixels where each array is arranged in 2600 columns with 64 TDI levels. A multispectral optical filter whose spectral responses per array are adjustable per system requirement is assembled at the package level. A custom 4T Pixel design provides the required readout speed, low-noise, very low dark current, and high conversion gains. A 2-phase internally controlled exposure mechanism improves the sensor's dynamic...
  • O. Cohen
  • O. Ofer
  • G. Abramovich
  • N. Ben-Ari
  • G. Gershon
  • M. Brumer
  • A. Shay
  • Y. Shamay

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