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Low SWaP video core for MWIR imaging

Sparrow, a low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP), high-end thermal imaging video core is presented, based on XBn- InAsSb Focal Plane Array (FPA) with 640×512 format and 10μm pitch, which is operated at 150K. The Sparrow video core offloads a range of functions from the host system, such as detector power supply, clocking and image processing, resulting in a very compact and low power module equipped with a miniature Split-Linear Stirling cooler. The Sparrow Module is optimized for a wide range of low SWaP applications, with a volume of 58×62×42 mm3, a weight of 300g, and typical power consumption of 5W at room temperature. It provides sub-frame video latency and supports a variety of output video formats and user-configurable advanced image processing algorithms.

Keywords: Infrared Detector, HOT MWIR, XBn, InAsSb, Low SWaP, Video Core, Stirling Cryocooler

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  • R. Gazit
  • D. Chen
  • G. Gershon
  • A. Karabchevsky
  • Z. Kiblitski
  • O. Magen
  • T. Markovitz
  • R. Ohayon
  • O. Rozenberg
  • K. Rozenshein
  • N. Syrel
  • I. Vladovsky
  • M. Weinstein
  • I. Shtrichman
  • Riabzev*

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