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Spatial and spectral filtering of focal plane arrays

This article describes new imaging capabilities and technologies developed for infrared focal plane arrays (FPAs) at SCD. One of the new technologies is the patterning of the back surface of the FPA, whose front surface is bonded to a silicon readout integrated circuit (ROIC). Another is the hybridization of a spectral filter to the same back surface.

Increased image resolution has been achieved by using an opaque mask on the backside of the FPA with small central apertures. The reduced fill factor of the sensor leads to lower crosstalk between neighboring pixels and a higher Nyquist frequency. A highly detailed multi-mega pixel image is obtained when the sensor is micro-scanned relative to the imaging optics.

Spectral filtering was achieved by hybridization of a designated filter to the backside of the FPA. The filter was glued to the FPA with high accuracy achieving single pixel resolution. System implementation of these SWIR sensor cameras has been demonstrated at imec and is reported in this paper.

First results are reported for a continuously varying monolithic filter deposited onto the FPA, which has a high spectral dispersion. We report electro-optical measurements on several different sensors and describe some of their key parameters.

Keywords: Infrared detector, megapixel, High resolution, hyperspectral imaging, multi spectral imaging, SWIR, MWIR, backside patterning

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  • Yoram Karni
  • Michal Nitzani
  • Eli Jacobsohn
  • Ilana Grimberg
  • Sivan Gliksman
  • Avihoo Giladi
  • Leonid Krasovitski
  • Eran Avnon
  • Itay Hirsh
  • Leonid Bikov
  • Inna Lukomsky
  • Lior Shkedy
  • Rami Fraenkel
  • Itay Shtrichman
  • Pilar Gonzalez
  • Andy Lambrechts

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