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Type II Superlattice Infrared Detector Technology at SCD

Semi-Conductor Devices' long wave infrared 640 ×512/15μm pitch type II superlattice detector is

based on an XBp design with an InAs/GaSb absorbing layer and an InAs/AlSb barrier layer. The

barrier architecture ensures a low, diffusion limited, dark current and allows stable passivation to

all fabrication steps. It is shown that the dark current is about 10 times the Rule 07 value and

corresponds to a minority carrier lifetime of about 10 ns, while the quantum efficiency can

approach within 10% of the HgCdTe value for realistic detector parameters. Detectors are now

being manufactured with a reasonable yield, for an operability above 99.5% and a stable and

reproducible noise equivalent temperature difference of <15 mK when operated at 30Hz, F/2.7

and 77K.

Key Words: Infrared detector; Barrier Detector; pBp, XBp; MWIR; LWIR; Type II superlattice

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  • P.C. Klipstein
  • E. Avnon
  • Y. Benny
  • Y. Cohen
  • R. Fraenkel
  • S. Gliksman
  • A. Glozman
  • E. Hojman
  • O. Klin
  • L. Krasovitsky
  • L. Langof
  • I. Lukomsky
  • I. Marderfeld
  • N. Yaron
  • M. Nitzani
  • N. Rappaport
  • I. Shtrichman
  • N. Snapi
  • E. Weiss

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