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BLACKBIRD SXGA is SCD state-of-the-art MWIR High Definition detector, which integrates SCD newest

technology of InSb10μm pixel. This 1280×1024 FPA is based on SCD’s mature InSb technology and includes a digital readout circuit implemented in advanced CMOS process. The FPA overall size is ~70% larger than SCD’s PelicanD VGA, 15µm format detector. Nevertheless, it is packaged in the same PelicanD Dewar. The proximity electronic board supports Video Engine capabilities at low power consumption. This yields a very large format detector with outstanding image quality, high frame rate, and compact size.

  • Parameter
  • Detector Type
    InSb/XBn 2D array
  • Pitch
  • Format
  • FPA Temperature
    80°K (InSb) / 150°K (XBn)
  • FPA Spectral range
    3.6 - 4.9 μm
  • NETD (2Me- Cap.)
    < 25mK at 70% well fill capacity
  • Residual Non Uniformity
    0.04% STD/DR at 10-80% well fill capacity
  • Integration modes
    ITR, IWR, others
  • Integration capacitors and their Floor Noise (FN)
    0.3Me- ; FN = 60e- 0.5Me- ; FN = 90e- (ITR mode only) 2.0Me- ; FN = 260e- ITR / 380e- IWR 3.5Me- ; FN = 950e- (ITR mode only)
  • Maximum Frame rate
    100Hz (standard) 180Hz (on request)
  • Video output
    Camera Link Digital Output
  • Digital signal resolution
    13 bit
  • Readout mode
    Normal / 2x2 Binning
  • Readout direction
  • Windowing
    Flexible: at 2 row steps
  • IDCA optical parameters
    F/3, spectral range: 3.6÷4.9 μm (defined by cold filter)
  • Cooler options
    Rotary 0.5W cooler (standard) Others, optional per request
  • Dimensions
    Weight – approx. 720 Gm Length (optical axis) – 140 mm
    •  BLACKBIRD 1280
    •  BLACKBIRD 1280
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