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PELICAN-D JT is a MWIR detector for missile applications. The FPA is InSb based, having digital Readout Integrated Circuit (ROIC) in a format of 640 x 512 with 15µm pitch. Pelican-D JT has a unique structure of Dewar which enables very fast cool down time and hence quick mission readiness using Joule-Thomson (JT) cooler. Due to the low heat load on the focal plane, the detector achieves long mission duration.

The Detector can be supplied with a proximity board which provides Camera Link interface to the customer system. This highly simplifies the integration of the detector to the system.

  • Parameter
  • Detector Type
    640 x 512 InSb FPA
  • Pitch
  • NETD
    20mK@70% Well Fill capacity
  • Spectral Response
    3.6 – 4.9 µm
  • Operability
    Better than 99.5%
  • Pixel Capacity
    5.8 Me - ; 1.5 Me -
  • Frame rate
    100 Fr/S Full frame
  • RNU
    0.07% STD/DR@20-80% well fill capacity
  • Electronics
  • Cold Shield
  • Cooler model
    Joule-Thomson (JT)
  • Length
    73.2 mm
  • Weight
    95 gr. with no Proximity board
    •  PELICAN-D JT 640
    •  PELICAN-D JT 640
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